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Eco Club

The formation of the Eco Club in 2011 has enabled the school to carry on various  environmental conservation activities , in a more organized and effective way. Many activities are conducted all the year round. This year, 2012, The Eco Club observed Afforestation Week by planting some more drought resistant saplings inside the school ground. Fresh Fruit Day was observed when children were encouraged to eat fruits for tiffin.  The Eco Club also conducted successful Coummunity Outreach Programmes in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, students distributed free jute bags to shoppers at the Alam Supermarket, making them aware of the hazards of plastic bags. This year again, in May 2012, free jute banks were distributed to customers at Janata Bank to bring awareness to people of all rungs of society.

School clean-up programmes are periodically conducted.

Students are taken on field trips which would give them a hands- on experience at being with nature and would enhance their knowledge of the local ecosystems. Grade VI-XII students were taken to Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort where they listened to a lecture at the Wildlife Study Centre about the endangered animals of UAE as well as the necessity of energy conservation. Grade XI and XII students were taken for a Mangrove Field Trip organized by the Emirates Marine Environment Group. This trip enabled a group of students to submit a project on mangroves which got the first prize in the Environment Competition conducted by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi.                              

Through a notice given by the Principal, parents have been intimated on the negative aspects of bringing disposable bottles.  All disposable bottles were collected and put in the recycle bin. The immediate response from parents in replacing them with permanent bottles is proof that the message has been successfully conveyed.

Waste paper and plastic are regularly sent for recycling through a recycling company.

This year’s internal and external projects will be carried on in the months of October and November.

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